A Decentralized Email System Powered by Blockchain Technology


A new blockchain-based company is planning to launch a fully decentralized email system. The email account that you create with this system will be detached from the networks' central systems and will be distributed to you and your contacts. The project aims to create an email system that serves as an excellent private communications platform, not only for individuals but for service providers and developers as well. In fact, the company has already announced a crowdsale of PMTP tokens on August 25, 2017.
A decentralized email service powered by the Telios Technologies blockchain technology aims to protect the digital rights of email users by providing a private and immutable service. With this system, your emails will be stored on shared blockchain ledgers and are confirmed like blockchain transactions. This means that all emails will be secure and unbreakable, resulting in a seamless user experience. It has a variety of features to help businesses make the switch to decentralized email communication.
Blockchain-based email solutions are also emerging to provide additional security and privacy. The security of email messages has long been an issue, and new solutions have been developed in recent years. for example, is a Swiss-based project that offers end-to-end encryption on all emails. Moreover, users can even choose to have their emails automatically decrypted at a set time. In this way, they can email anyone without worrying about their privacy or security.
Despite the privacy concerns surrounding decentralized email communication, the popularity of Gmail and dozens of other similar services has given birth to a decentralized email infrastructure. Just Mail uses NxtCoin 2.0 to guarantee secure message transmission and encryption. Users can also use this infrastructure on Linux or Mac computers. The project's creator, Eric Michel, explained the benefits of decentralized email communication on his Kickstarter page. “The internet has gone digital; it's time to make it decentralized and secure."
There are several benefits of decentralized email communication, but a major issue remains scalability. Because email is an important form of communication, decentralized email services need to be able to process high volumes of email. Blockchain-based email services must have very high throughput per second in order to operate successfully. Current blockchain technologies are not capable of such high traffic. Visit this site: telios.io to get the  several benefits of decentralized email communication.
While there are some privacy and security issues associated with traditional email technology, improvements have made this technology less susceptible to phishing and spam. However, these issues have yet to be completely eliminated. Blockchain-based email uses a decentralized ledger, known as a blockchain, to store information about transactions and authenticate data across a network of multiple computers. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to impersonate a third party without the permission of the recipient.

You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail.
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